Sarah Kane


Andrei Mureșanu Theatre / Sfântu Gheorghe / RO


“My intention was to address abuse and violence with brutal honesty. All the violence in the play has been carefully constructed and dramatically structured to say what I want to say about war. The logical consequence of that attitude that underlies an isolated rape in England is to be found in the rape camps in Bosnia. And the logical consequence of the behavior that society expects from men is war. War is confusing and illogical, so it would be wrong to use a predictable form. Acts of violence simply happen in life, they don’t have a dramatic crescendo and they are horrific. The same happens in the play. Critics would prefer something artificial or gaudy about the violence,” declared Sarah Kane in 1995.

Addressing topics such as cannibalism, rape, murder, racism, war, mental disorders, brutality, and physical and emotional abuse, Kane creates some bloody connections between micro-terror and macro-terror, between individual and tank-level violence. nation/continent/planet, vividly dissecting the wounds and traumas of a humanity that always finds justifications for its cruelties.


One of the most representative young theater directors in Romania, Bobi Pricop combines active social awareness with an interest in performances in which new media and emerging technologies merge and question the limits of theater. He staged contemporary texts at theaters in Bucharest, Craiova, Constanţa, Piatra Neamţ, Iasi, Suceava, Arad, etc. He is a double UNITER nominee in the Best Director category and has received numerous national and international nominations and awards



The “Andrei Mureşanu” Theater was established in 1987. It is a public institution, financed by the Local Council of Sfantu Gheorghe Municipality. It is the main generator of cultural events for the Romanian minority community in the area (more than 70% are Hungarians). Acting as a repertory theater, our institution offers to its audience performances inspired by both classical Romanian and universal dramaturgy, as well as contemporary plays, being open to all current trends in the theatrical realm.

The “Andrei Mureşanu” Theater has been invited to major European theater festivals, such as Leipzig (Germany), Nitra (Slovakia), Zsambek (Hungary), Trabzon (Turkey), Tampere (Finland), Bern (Switzerland), Turin (Italy) , Faro (Portugal), Varna (Bulgaria), Plymouth (UK), etc. Also, our Theater was present at the most important national theater festivals, where it got numerous proofs of the quality of its productions, being honored with distinctions and prizes. The “Andrei Mureşanu” Theater collaborated with the highest quality directors, scenographers, actors, composers, choreographers and actors, forming an artistic and technical team of high professionalism. We intend to continue the managerial program on this profile and to remain a unique and original voice in the contemporary theatrical landscape of Romania.




Cate: Mădălina Mușat

Ian: Sebastian Marina

Soldier: Costi Apostol


Director: Bobi Pricop

Translator: Andrei Dosa

Set Designer: Oana Micu

Original Music: Eduard Gabia


Duration: 1 h 45 min. – without interval
language: RO

Premiere: 20th of June 2022