The Tamási Áron Theatre’s Reflex was born in the spring of 2009, and spring remained the season when the spectators of Sfântu Gheorghe and their guests are tempted to experiment the leisure of reflection in spaces for meeting and dialogue, opened by famous and brave productions of contemporary European theatre. This is how it happened in the springs of 2009, 2012, 2015, and 2018, when the first four Reflexes were held. The time for Reflex5 has finally arrived in a spring as well, but this time differently from the previous ones, as it will happen in three phases: in March, May, and October, 2023. This way, Reflex5 touches three of 2023’s seasons, in a year when the Tamási Áron Theatre celebrates 75 years from its founding. In 2018 when Reflex4 happened, noone could foresee the dramatic changes the whole world was going to go through, and that five years will go by before we’ll be able to enjoy Tamási Áron Theatre’s Reflex5, in 2023. It’s a joy overshadowed by the war in our vicinity, by the fear of Covid and economic crisis that deepens our drifting and angst. What’s art, theatre good for in such times, when the images in reality’s mirror are so haunting and keep changing? When confusedly, we watch endless reflections, searching for truth in our lives? It’s this and many other questions about the individual and societal drifting of our era that our public will confront in the spaces for meeting and dialogue opened by the Tamási Áron Theatre’s Reflex5.








Festival staff


Festival director: Bocsárdi László
Festival coordinator: Musát Arnold
International relations: Márton Imola, Tamás István, Veress Ildikó
Manager: Pál-Ferenczi Gyöngyi
Finance manager: Kádár Orsolya
Coordinator of communication and PR: Barta Mónika
Public relations: Szabó Krisztina
Technical director: Dálnaki Csanád

General editor: Nagy B. Sándor
Graphic design: Wanek Ferenc
Visual consultant: Kispál Attila, Kispál Ágnes-Evelin
Music consultant: Bocsárdi Magor, Lázár-Prezsmer Endre
Website programmer: Fekete Zsuzsanna
Website editor: Musát Arnold, Nagy B. Sándor, Tamás István, Wanek Ferenc
Social network: Barta Mónika, Benedek Ágnes, Nagy B. Sándor
Photo: Barabás Zsolt
Video: Bán József, Dálnoky Réka, Demeter Loránd-László
Translations: Bozsódi-Nagy Orsolya, Kovács Kázmér, Nagy B. Sándor, Nina Ţînţar, Sándor László
Translator: Bakos Mária, Hubbes László-Attila, Simon Judit, Tompa Eszter
Moderator: Raluca Rădulescu, Kriston Wojtek, Tompa Eszter
Dubbing interpreter: Mădălina Muşat, Vass Zsuzsanna
Surtitles: Tamás István

Press relations: Barta Mónika, Tamás István
Off programs, radiospot: Kónya-Ütő Bence
Volunteer’s coordinator: Csomós Tünde Tímea, Fazakas Misi
Guest and invitees reception: Oláh-Badi Éva
Secretary, professional tickets: Erdély Ágnes
The conditions of transport and accommodation by: TTS (Transylvanian Tourist Service)
Security: Pál Csaba

Legal advisor: Dumitra Ecaterina Eugenia Dorina
Tendering operations: Oláh-Badi Éva
Accounts department: Hegyi Katalin, Nagy Mária
Administrator: Gál Erika
Ticket sales: Kis Katinka
Ticket sales by: www.biletmaster.ro

Lighting technicians (theatre): Ambrus Zsolt, Horváth Csaba, Vargha Zsolt
Sound technicians (theatre): Józsi Szabolcs, Lukács Szabolcs
Partner in ensuring the technical conditions of the event: SOUND STUDIO (Király Zsolt, Koncz Sasa, Marin Cristian, Németh László, Opra Eduard, Szabó István, Takó Csaba)

Stage crew: Albert Nagy Géza, Antal Mónika, Baló Zsuzsa, Bartalis Szabolcs, Bartha Judit, Barti István, Bartók Enikő, Boda László, Both Melinda, Chirițescu György, Csomós Tünde Tímea, Dobra Mária Magdolna, Farkas Csaba, Gazda Szende, Gecse László, Gyárfás Zsuzsa, Győry Andrea, Kecskés István, Kocsis Olga, Kovács Gábor, Kovács Ibolya, Kovács Lehel, László Attila, Mocsel Gizella, Molnár Tibor, Nyisztor Angéla, Olajos Károly, Opra Beáta, Opra György, Orbán István, Péterffy Csaba, Rákosi József Lehel, Sipos-Ferencz Malvin, Szabó Huba, V. Bartha Edit, Veress Zsóka, Zayzon Ádám

Gatekeeper service: Bodyguard security

Special thanks to Csaba Józsa for his help in the organization of the festival.






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