Black land

Cimborák Puppet Theatre / Sfântu Gheorghe / RO


The isle of Black Country is in the bowels of Earth. Everything there is so black, it’s impossible to imagine. The country’s inhabitants were living in darkness, fear, oppression: a dragon is reigning instead of their king, and it guards the diamond key to the gate leading to light as well.

In order to live free and happy with his loved one, he himself has to evolve: he must get to Black Country, and confront the dragon. The once poor fellow gets help from an ant, an eagle, and a lion and their magical power, as he needs to handle himself on every level: in the sky, on the ground,

and in the depths.



Director, dramaturgist, puppeteer Zsuzsanna Vajda is a founding member of the MárkusZínház, awarded with the Géza Blattner prize in 2009. Her previous works at the Cimborák Bábszínház: The Prince Who Wished Immortality (2019), If I Could Be St. George… (2021).



The puppetry was founded in 1998, initiated by Kálmán Kopeczky Nagy as a distinct section of the Tamási Áron Theatre, with its own program plan. It took the name Cimborák Bábszínház in 2008. Its goal is to bring quality puppetry plays to the friends of the genre in Sf. Gheorghe and Covasna County. Their efforts cover the outstanding importance of popular tales and folk traditions, raising awerness to their identity forming power, culture-creating and -preserving character. Following the example of Elek Benedek, the company’s permanent task, its duty is to treat popular tales, knowing them, and spreading them among both grown-ups and the growing-up.

„Our communities’ survival depends on future generations, on children. Looking into the future is only possible with the, through them. We are blessed to create for children, to have an influence in shaping their values, to form their little souls. It’s an enormous task and comes with a huge responsibility, so it’s important to make our plans for every season in order to create, using every tool in the box, quality plays that are able to convey messages about real, universal human values, regardless of age group”, was the credo of the founder, Kálmán Kopeczky Nagy.




Performers: Gecse Noémi, Páll Gecse Ákos, Sánta Yvette


Director: Vajda Zsuzsanna


Director’s assistants: Páll Gecse Ákos, Pilári Gábor, awarded with the Géza Blattner prize

Set, costumes and puppets: Grosschmid Erik, awarded with the Géza Blattner prize

Composer: Pilári Áron

Light design: Páll Gecse Ákos

Professional consultation: Prezsmer Boglárka, Péter Orsolya

Poster design: Kónya Albert Attila

Sound technician: Szanday Csongor

Lighting technician: Péter Előd

Prop woman: Vizoli Mónika

Audience organizer: Csüdöm Eszter



Duration: 50 minutes

Premiere: 6th of March, 2022.