Szymon BOGACZ:


15:00 – Discussion with Pászt Patrícia, theatre historian
Art Cinema

The play is an attempt to come to terms with the legend of the Solidarity trade union. Its history is shown from the point of view of Grażyna, a young woman who, after graduating from university, spends the summer of 1980 at these
aside before taking up work in a factory in Lower Silesia, where she then joins the newly-formed labour union. Grażyna never appears in the play, which is a collage of memories and comments by her relatives, friends and co-workers. We get a portrait of a young, honest and idealistic woman who closely observe slow- and mid-level Solidarity activists, and must confront her idealism with the far-from-perfect daily life in the organization.

Directed by: Adam SAJNUK

Duration: 89 minutes
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